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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome to RHBI

Ritualised Hypoxic Brain Injury (RHBI)......... A term that I once used to explain what on earth was more important than sitting drinking, laughing and generally panicing while organising a conference for ~150 medical students from throughout NZ in Wellington, July, 2008.

For those that like logic (like me, I am a self-confessed nerd, geek and brainlover) here it is:

RHBI = Ritualised Hypoxic Brain Injury = Under Water Hockey = UWH = Best game in the world (even better than cricket......)

Well that is enuf gushing.

This blog = weblog = fun safe place to be silly and serious on the internets. Is going to be devoted to the science and innovation of the greatest (and hardest) game in the world.

Best Wishes and Happy Bubbles to you all,

Tony Harley.

PS everything in Blue takes you else where..... spooky huh....

PPS if you are still going WTF? then look use the power of gooooooogle.com or whatever your favourite search engine might be.

PPPS if you still cant imagine what on earth I am talking about click this button *button*